We offer a number of shrink tube leangths and size to provide you with exactly the shrink tube you need for your CCFL backlight repair.

Shrink Tube 4" Section
Choose your size.
3/64" diameter shrink tube perfect for 1.8mm lamp repairs.
1/16" diameter shrink tube perfect for 2.0mm & 2.2mm lamp repairs.
3/32" diameter shrink tube perfect for 2.4mm & 2.6mm lamp repairs.
1/8" diameter shrink tube perfect for 3.0mm lamp repairs. And all dual and triple lamp assemblies.
Regular price: $1.50
Sale price: $1.25
Shrink Tube Combo Kit for Backlight Repairs
A sampling of all sizes, includes 4" sections of 3/32", 3/64", 1/16", 1/8" shrink tube and 2 1" sections of soft 1/16" shrink tube. Everything you might need for a CCFL backlight repair, and more than enough for even a couple of repairs.
Regular price: $3.95
Sale price: $2.95
Mini Shrink Tube
10 1/4" sections of 1/16" diameter shrink tube. Ideal for covering solder joints.
Shrink Tube 6" Section
6" Section of 1.8" diameter shrink tube.
Regular price: $2.00
Sale price: $1.60
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