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Many of our customers haven't the time, tools, or patience to repair their CCFL lamp assemblies and opt for our technicians to handle this service. If soldering and repair is not your forte, then we suggest leaving it to the pros and mailing your assembly in to our repair service.

The repair service price includes inspection of all components, new CCFL lamp or lamps, and replacement of other parts if necessary as well (except for metal or plastic C channel rail that houses the CCFLs. These are non-replaceable).


STEP 1: Remove the lamp assembly/assemblies from your display intact with the metal "C" channel that houses the lamp assembly (We do not accept receipt of LCD panels, backlight must be removed).

STEP 2: Place an order for the appropriate size (single, dual, or triple lamp. This is refering to how many CCFL tubes are sitting together in 1 "C" channel. i.e. if there are 2 CCFL tubes sitting in a "C" channel together, this will be considered 1 dual lamp assembly) repair and the quantity. PLEASE NOTE, THIS SERVICE IS PRIMARILY INTENDED FOR STRAIGHT LAMPS. IF YOUR CCFL LAMP IS A SHAPED LAMP THAT HAS BENDS (C-shape, L-shape, U-shape, etc) PLEASE CONTACT US BEFORE YOU PURCHASE. AN ADDITIONAL CHARGE MAY APPLY.

STEP 3: CAREFULLY PACKAGE (use a sturdy box, no envelopes) and ship the assembly to our facility. Include a copy of the invoice that was e-mailed to you when you placed your order, or write your 5 digit order number on the outside of the box (backlights sent in without order identification will be immediately returned to sender and not repaired). All components of the original backlight assembly (CCFL lamps, end caps, wires, and connectors) must be included in shipment. Remember, do not send the the entire unit or LCD panel, only the intact lamp assembly in the metal channel it is housed in. Send to:

Plazmo Industries
ATTN: Repairs
13335 B Street
Omaha, NE 68144

STEP 4: We typically repair the assembly within 5-7 business days after we receive the item(s), and we return item(s) using whichever shipment method is specified in the order. NOTE: Some repairs may take longer and have a 2-3 week turnaround. We will notify you if this is the case.

* Make sure that the assemblies are packaged well so that they do not bend or break during shipment.

* Backlight should be removed from LCD and sent alone, any frames, or films attached to the backlight should be removed also, the CCFL should be exposed, send only CCFL lamps with attached wiring and connectors and plastic or aluminum rail it sits in. Mail-in repairs that are not properly disassembled will be returned to the sender for further disassembly at customer's cost.

NOTE: This item does not cover large LCD TVs 32" screen and larger. This item does not cover LED backlighting.

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