CCFL Backlight Lamps for LCD Repair.

Over 1 million CCFL lamps in stock!

We are the single largest supplier of premium quality CCFL backlights for LCD repair in North America. We specialize in only the highest of quality CCFL lamps, producing and stocking hundreds of different sizes in a wide range of diameters, lengths , shapes, color temperatures and more. Coupled with our unparalleled manufacturing capabilities we have the perfect backlight for every application.

Why choose CCFL warehouse for your CCFL backlights?

Huge Selection
As you probably have seen, we have over 1 million CCFL lamps in stock. We stock all of the most common sizes for all major brands of LCD screen manufacturers as well as the hard to find and obsolete backlight models. Further we are always adding new sizes as the demand comes along. Don't see the size that you need? Let us know about it and we will add it to our next production run. Over 95% of our orders ship the very same day they are ordered dependent of course on the time of your order, to learn more about our shipping policies visit:
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Premium Quality
In order to produce a higher quality CCFL lamp you need to understand the technology, use only the highest quality phosphors, the purest of gases, high quality Borosilicate glass, efficient long life electrode designs all while maintaining the strictest of quality control standards. Needless to say, we feel very confident in assuring our customers that they are receiving the highest quality CCFL lamps available today. To learn more about the manufacturing of a better quality lamp please visit:

We have been in the CCFL backlight business for a long time, since 2002 to be exact. During this time we formed relationships with many of the largest repair facilities in the world who rely on us for their continued supply of high quality CCFL backlights for all of their LCD repairs. We have gained a huge wealth of knowledge that we are happy to share with our new customers. We are the experts in the CCFL backlight industry and we can help new companies, big or small, to become more cost effective and more efficient with these LCD repairs as well as aid in technical assistance.

We offer exceptional pricing whether you are simply looking for a single lamp or a large quantity of CCFL lamps. We offer unparalleled service to all of our wholesale customers. No more complaints of long lead times as is common from other suppliers, we stock what you need! If you let us know that you will be needing a specific CCFL lamp on a reoccurring basis, we will make it and stock it for you, without obligation. We want to make sure that when you order CCFL lamps from us they are packaged up and shipped out that very same day. Further should you require something new such as a custom size lamp we can produce it faster than anyone. Our lead times on new orders are typically 2-3weeks but can often be even faster when it is crucial to our customers, and again we always make extra so that they are there when you need them the next time, no wait.

We enjoy our position as the #1 supplier of CCFL backlights for LCD repair and we are always open to ideas that can help us better serve our customers. Please feel free to contact us with your comments or questions by phone at (402) 330-2222 or via email at the following addresses:

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